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About Golf Beer

While playing golf, Golfer inspired me to create products for golfers. This is a craft beer product under the Golf Beer brand Name.

It means Golfer likes to drink beer, Golfer loves beer and Golfer Drinks Beer after every golf match, Although Korean golfers still drink Beer while playing golf.

But on the golf course, there are no Draft Beer – Craft Beer products, only Larger Industrial Beer is not enough to match the Class and Sophistication on the Golf Course.

That’s why Golf Beer was born and also has featured products with names that every Golfer love: Par, Brides, Eagle, Albatross, HIO are the results that Golfers always want to conquer in every Golf Game.

Each Beer Name is associated with a Story of a Beer line and their history as well as their origin such as Par Wheat Ale, Birdie Pilsner, Eagle IPA, and Albatross Dark Ale, HIO Amber Ale. Each Beer Bottle and Type of Beer has a meaning. Very Special Historical Meaning and learn more about the product in the next Articles.

Golf Beer offers endless possibilities when it comes to exploring new styles and flavors of craft beer, just like playing golf. The almost endless variety of imported ingredients and brewing techniques creates many ‘notes’ to suit every taste. Craft beer is independence in thought and action, a factor that creates passion, creativity, attractiveness and success for Golfers.

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