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How to make Craft Beer

“Our Brewery uses classic individual beer technology, taking into account the wishes of the consumer. We practice innovation and experiment,


The grains are soaked in hot water (not boiling). Kinda like making tea. The water is drained and a sweet sticky liquid is left over. That’s wort! Which really is un-brewed beer.



Hops are added to the wort and boiled for about an hour. The bitterness in the hops balances the sugar in wort. The hops also provide flavor and are a natural preservative.



This is where the magic happens! Yeast is added after the wort is cooled, strained and filtered. The actual brewing process is finished and the fermentation starts. The beer is kept between 12-20 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of beer. While you’re waiting the yeast is working hard to eat up all sugar in the wort and creating alcohol in the meantime. After fermentation the “green” beer is stored below 5 degree Celsius. This takes at least 3 months so the taste of the malt, hops and yeast can develop to its fullest.



Hooray! After waiting with such passion and patience, the new beer is FINALLY ready to be put on tap!

 Golf Beer Story

As the director of a company specializing in Aviation Services, Transport, Travel and….I always aim to be attentive, dedicated, and dedicated to all customers, and work hard. 
The passion and love for the job has mixed with the warm blood in my heart .
Since then, I have strongly motivated myself to work hard at all times to constantly develop

15 years ago, my customers were Korean and Japanese both of them working in Vietnam. They usually have a golf schedule on the weekend. At that time, there were not many golf courses in Vietnam. As usual, I will have a schedule to pick up and drop off golf customers. Due to an unexpected change, I drove instead. That time I took guests down to Van Tri Golf Course
I'm sure you will have the same impression as me, when you look the men on the golf course, they look completely different than they do in the office. They become very elegant gentlemen, with poise style. When they hold the club and stand on the golf course - it is a symbol of an attractive and successful gentleman.
The dream of one day I can playing golf been trued. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with this trendy sport when my Korean friend gave me a set of golf clubs. This sport indeed contains many special things that the players themselves must be surprised to discover step by step. Playing golf is like doing business, if you want to play golf well and want to have a lot of balls in the hole, you need a gentleman who has the courage to play with it but not let too many ways of playing dominate you, so does business. It takes a solid form to dominate it.

Golf inspired me to create products specifically for golfers. It is a craft beer product branded as GolfBeer.​


GolfBeer offers a world of possibilities when it comes to discovering new styles and flavors of craft beer, just like playing golf. The almost endless variety of brewing ingredients and techniques creates a range of 'notes' to suit any palate. Craft beer is the independence in thought and action, the factor that creates passion, creativity, attractiveness and success for Golfers.
Golf inspired me to create products specifically for golfers.​

GolfBeer – Beer of Style, Classic and Courage
My partner is a person who has devoted all his wisdom and passion to produce beer bottles with special flavors, showing the sophistication of the Vietnamese soul. That is the brewer: C-Brewmaster.


GolfBeer – Bia của Golfers ​

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